Dr Bones Personal Trauma Kit

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Dr Bones Personal Trauma Kit

Prepared by the nationally recognized Dr. Bones (Joseph Alton, M.D.), Author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “survival medicine handbook” The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook

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Our solution for a personal carry trauma and first aid kit. This kit can deal with traumatic injuries including severe bleeding and burns, and offers options for laceration closure. Packed in a marine style EMT pouch with tough milspec construction, universal and molle attachment system, quick release buckle and divided main compartment.

This packed kit contains over 60 items:

1- Marine style EMT pouch

1- 6″ Israeli Bandage

1- Celox powder

1- Tourniquet

1- Cayenne Pepper Powder, organic 35,000HU

1- Roller Gauze 4″ or 6″

1- ACE bandage 4″

1- Stainless Steel Mayo/Straight Scissors

4- Nitrile Gloves

1- 3M Steri Strips 2 sheets/pack

1- Super Glue

1- Padded Moleskin 4 1/2″x 3 1/2″

3- Non-Adherent Gauze Pads 3″x4″

2- Burn Jel Packets

10- Sterile Gauze 4″x4″ (5 sterile packs of 2 gauze or 10 single packs)

2- ABD 5″x8″ Dressing Pads

2- ExLarge Bandaids

10- 1″x 3″ size Bandaids

1- Triangular Bandage

1- Medical Tape 1″x 10 yds.

10- Iodine Wipes

10- Alcohol Wipes

10- Ibuprofen tablets

Assorted bandaids

Items may be substituted with items of equal or greater value.


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